Amber Luning

I am a student at the Cleveland Institute of Art, majoring in Biomedical Illustration, with a minor in glass and sculpture. I enjoy building up sets of skills in any medium I can use, to bring those perspectives in on professional work for a technique all my own.  The world around me is a constant source of inspiration, education, and wonder, and it is my fondest wish to create work that will bring the joy and anticipation of learning and understanding to people.

Bryophyllum delagoense
Botanical plate depicting Bryophyllum delagoense, the chandelier plant. Also known as mother of millions, this plant is chaos incarnate, it's extremely invasive, extremely adaptable, and very hard to kill.
    • Bryophyllum delagoense
    • Saimiri ustus
    • Vanda Manuvadee
    • Ceiba speciosa